Governing Body:

Our organization was founded 1998 by scholars and community activists in order to educate and support the community to maintain their Islamic identity.  It is governed by the community members who elect its Board members every 3 years and Board appoints   executives to execute the day to day activities of the organization. Sisters & youth also elect their representatives to serve as Board members on the election year. Below are members of each section

2019 - 2021 Leadership
Board of Directors:
Said Aman                        Chairman
Zubeir Abdelkarim              Vice Chairm
Mahamoud Suadik              Secretary
Nejat Haj Mohammed Seid   Member &  (President for Sisters)
Jamila Mohammed             Member & (Vice President for Sisters)
Zemzem Emam  Member
Intisar  Member & (Public Relation for Sisters)
Meftuha                              Member
 Executive Committee:
Sheikh Mohammed Awal        President
Abdelkadir Ahmed              Vice President
Kahisay Adem                   Secretary
Ahmed Omer                  Treasurer
Anwar Siraj                   Education & Da'wah
Mohammed Zeleie             Public Relation
Abdella Hagos    Social & Recreation